Teaching Experience:

Dr. Shrawan Kumar has extensive teaching experience from grammar school to University including 2 years as Assistant, 3 years as Associate and 25 years Full Professor at the University of Alberta.

2007 – 2011 Professor at the University of North Texas in the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Associate Director and Director of Physical Medicine Institute.

1982-2007 Professor with Tenure, Department of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

1990-2007 Professor, Division of Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

1979-1982 Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

1979-1986 Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

1977-1979 Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Courses Taught

Gait (Normal)

The following courses were designed, developed and taught by Dr. Shrawan Kumar for the first time to meet the projected need of the discipline and the Department of Physical Therapy.
Tissue Biomechanics
Electromyographic Kinesiology
Rehabilitation Ergonomics

Theories and Issues in Rehabilitation

Graduate Students Supervision:

David James: Graduated 1980, MSc Thesis title: Manual treatment of injured rabbit muscle.

Connie Robertshaw: Graduated 1982, MSc Thesis title: Comparison of EMG of back muscles with varying seat height.

Connie Robertshaw: Graduated 1985, PhD Thesis title – Electromyographic and cinematographic analysis of rising and lowering between sitting and standing.

Linda Edwin-Robinson: Graduated 1987, MSc Thesis title: Comparison of human capability and Nautilus Machine resistance patterns during elbow flexion.

Lynne Feehan: Graduated 1987, MSc Thesis title: Tensile properties of healing flexor tendon in chickens: immobilization vs. early controlled passive motion.

Ray Marks: Graduated 1988, MSc Thesis title: Characterization of electromyographic activity in normal and pathological knee joints during seated extension.

Anne Fenety: Graduated 1989, MSc Thesis title: Lumbosacral strength and range of motion in sagittal plane in female field hockey players with and without low-back pain and in healthy controls.

Maciej Mierzjewski: Graduated 1993, MSc (Physical Therapy) Thesis title: Occurrence of low-back pain among physical therapists.

Heather Christie: Graduated 1993, MSc (Physical Therapy) Thesis title: Aberration of posture in low-back pain patients.

Maureen Simmonds: Graduated 1993, PhD (Rehabilitation Science) Thesis title: Reliability and validity of impairment and disability assessment.

Lois Wihlidal: Graduated 1995, MSc (Physical Therapy) Thesis title: An ergonomic evaluation of the job of ultrasonographers.

Sigrun Bjornsdottir: Graduated 1997 MSc: (Physical Therapy) Thesis title: Postero-anterior motion test of a lumbar vertebra. A study of inter-rater reliability between physical therapists, at two different educational and experience levels before and after a training session.

Liris Smith, MSc: Graduated 1997 (Physical Therapy) Thesis title: The accuracy of perception of spinal posture during dynamic lifting.

Milan Zedka, MD: Graduated (1998) PhD (Neuroscience). Thesis title: Trunk muscle response with and without pain.

Tyler Amell, MSc, PhD: Graduated 2003 Rehabilitation Science program (ergonomics area). Thesis title: Ergonomics, loss management and surveillance in a mid-sized industrial organization: biomedical, physiological and psychosocial loads and industrial hand wheel actuation.

Laxmi Suryanarayana, MSc: Graduated 2003 (ergonomics area).

Troy Jones: Enrolled in PhD Rehabilitation Science Program (ergonomics area). (2001) and graduated February 2007.

Mircea Fagarasanu: MD, PhD, 2004.

Edgar Ramos Veiria, PhD enrolled 2002 in ergonomics, graduated November 2006

Theresa Newell, MSc, (Ergonomics) Graduated March 2003

Rupesh Kumar, Ph.D., graduated 2006 University of Luka, Sweden.

Neil Shah, MD, Orthopaedics Resident, 2008

Brad Stovall, DO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Post-doctoral Fellows Supervised:

Professor Allan A. Turner, PhD (Alberta) Physical Education, 1982-83

Professor Richard C. K. Cheng, PhD (Iowa) Orthopaedic Biomechanics, 1986-88

Professor Helenice Gil Coury, DSc (Sao Carlos, Brazil), Education Physical Therapy, 1996-97.

Associate Professor Can Bulent Fidan, PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2002-2003

Qun Mo, PhD, Mathematics, 2003.

Professor Mauro Goncalves, PhD, 2004-2005.

External Examiner for M.Sc. and Ph.D. Theses for Several Universities

PhD University of Perth, Australia (2002)

PhD University of Asam, India (1996)

PhD Gregory Kawchuk, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada (2000)

MSc Thesis, Rhode Island University, South Africa (1997)

MSc Examiner, University of Lulea, Sweden (2000)

PhD Examiner, University of Lulea, Sweden (2003)

Positions Held by Past Graduate Students:

Allan A. Turner, PhD Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Helenice Gil Coury, DSc Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Dept of Physical Therapy, Federal University, Sao Carlos, Brazil

Richard C.K. Cheng, PhD Professor and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Research National Yang Ming University, Taiwan, Republic of China

Milan Zedka, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Charles University of Prague, Chez Republic

Tyler Amell, PhD, Manager, Department of Safety, City of Edmonton, AB

David B. James, MSc
Lecturer in Physical Therapy University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
Assistant Professor Department of Physical Therapy, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Clinical Therapist and owner of Physiotherapy Clinic, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Conne Robertshaw, PhD
Retired as Vice-President, WCB, Edmonton, Alberta
Project Manager, WCB Alberta

Ray Marks, Ph.D., Research Associate, Department of Education, Columbia University, New York, USA

Maureen Simmonds, PhD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Physical Therapy, McGill University, Canada

Heather Christie, MSc Clinical Research Coordinator, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Edgar R. Vieira,Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA.

Mircea Fagarasanu, MD, PhD. Ergonomist, City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Rupesh Kumar, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Human Work Science, Lukea University, Sweden

Neil Shaw, Spine Surgeon, Dallas, USA

Brad Stovall, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Virginia, USA